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Pathagar OPDS Book Server - SheevaPlug Edition

Brief instructions:

This is a project that originated after meetings at the OLPC San Francisco Community Summit 2011. This image is a ready-to-go image that can be bitcopied using dd to a 2GB or greater USB stick, and plugged into a off-the-shelf SheevaPlug to run a Pathagar OPDS Book Server.  Get the image via torrent at

dd if=pathagar-sheevaplug-0.01.img of=/dev/sdb

where sdb is your USB Stick. This process will create a boot partition, a root partition and a swap partition on the USB Stick.

The image is a Debian Squeeze image for ARM with Apache, sqlite, python, and python-django (Pathagar is written atop python-django). The image has two accounts:

  • root (password is password. Change it ASAP!)
  • bookserver (password is password. Change it ASAP!)

Pathagar runs in the bookserver account and the code sits at /home/bookserver/pathagar. The code we've used for this iteration is git'able from

The image runs a dhcp client, so you'll have to get clever to figure out the IP it gets from your DHCP server. We use wireshark with a filter looking for the SheevaPlug's MAC address. you can always change the IP behavior using the Debian Way. Once running, you can find the book server interface at <yourIPaddress> running at port 80. To administer Pathagar, go to <yourIPaddress>/admin and use the account "curator" with password password (change it ASAP!) to admin the account.

Anything else? Let us know. or discuss on the mailing list at



Sameer Verma
SheevaPlug consumes only 4 watts!