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OLPC SF March 12, 2016 Meeting Notes

Submitted by shreya on Sat, 2016-03-12 12:35

Topics discussed on March 12, 2016 Meeting:

Sugar Labs

Spread the word on Sugarizer with “hackathons” and introducing Sugarizer in Hour of Code at schools.

Get OLPC-SF more involved in the process.


Alt School - charter school

Focus - use technology to document the learning experience of each child and figure out the needs of each child. 

Adding more technology into the school experience.

Working this new system - kids like to learn and given the right opportunity they will take in and grow further on what they find interesting.


Tanzania – RACHEL


Goals: Get the server to function, and introduce teachers to the software

Engage the teachers to prove the laptops are not simply a toy, rather there is an actual use to the computers

However, the server was not connecting once 5-6 laptops were in use.



Sameer Verma, Aaron Borden, and Andi Gros

Open Learning Exchange

Actively looking to grow out to new devices.

India/Bhagmalpur data - There is data to see what the kids are using.

Hard to assess whether or not the kids are using the OLPC laptops unless we see the data.