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Community Summit 2014

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Submitted by adborden on Wed, 2014-10-15 23:46

Great news! We're excited to announce that Turtle Art Day will be held in conjunction with this year's Community Summit this weekend! Our summit will be focused on the intersection of education and technology. We'll discuss what's going on in the One Laptop Per Child universe, as well as what other education outreach communities are doing globally. The goal is to get folks together to discuss problems, collaborate, and find solutions together.


If you're not familiar with Turtle Art, it's an application where students create art through programming. Turtle Art Day is a worldwide event happening throughout the month of October. Turtle Artists are coming together to teach each other and learn together. OLPC-SF is proud to be working with Sugar Labs to put together this event here in San Francisco. It represents the exploration of new spaces and media for learning beyond online, beyond OLPC. We hope you all will be able to attend. Please see the event page for details.

Note: The location is not the usual downtown San Francisco venue. Instead, we will be meeting at San Francisco State University's main campus at 1600 Holloway Ave.