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Fly me to the Moon

Submitted by sverma on Fri, 2012-11-30 14:09

This Thanksgiving break was a fun and relaxing one, but as usual, Mira (my 7-year old daughter) had her "I'm bored!" spells one day. After trying to get her to draw, color, paint, read, etc. I tried something new. We went outside and looked at interesting things. The Moon was pretty that evening. Then came the question:

"Does the Moon move in the sky?"

A telescope, a laptop with the Telescope activity, and oodles of patience.


First we spotted the Moon. It takes a bit of fiddling to get the moon to show on the screen. The XO's hinge doesn't stay put, so you may have to keep fiddling until you get the Moon nicely centered on your screen. The Telescope activity allowed us to lower the exposure so we could get a clearer picture of the Moon, complete with its craters. Adjusting the Gain helps too.



Next, we got a few shots of the Moon. You can check the previews after the shots are done and transfer these to the Journal one at a time.



Then, I got bored, and had some extra time, so I made this movie :-) A trip to the Moon with Mr. Sinatra. By the way, did you know, astronaut Buzz Aldrin played Sinatra's version of  "Fly me to the Moon" when he landed Apollo 11 on the Moon? Neat!