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Up Close: The Tuk Lens Kit

Submitted by sverma on Fri, 2012-12-07 23:49

If you attended the recent OLPC San Francisco Community Summit 2012, you must have received a packet with lenses and sticky foam along with your registration folder. Some of you also took a whole bunch more back with you. The lenses are acrylic cabochons, courtesy of Bill Tuk.


A set of instructions from Bill Tuk and Mike Lee (translated into Spanish as well):

XO Laptop Camera Close-Up Lens Kit

Developed by Bill Tuk, OLPC San Francisco

Distributed at OLPC San Francisco Community Summit 2012

A small plastic lens is held in place over the OLPC XO laptop camera by one or more small pieces of adhesive foam. The lens can fill the live view in the Record activity from an approximately 1 cm wide area in sharp focus at the center. With ample lighting, small objects such as insects, coins, pebbles, flowers and more can easily be recorded as photos and video.

This kit includes three 7mm clear acrylic dome cabochons to be used as a close-up lens over the aperture of the OLPC XO laptop’s built-in front facing camera. The pieces of foam tape are placed around the lens to hold it in place. The hole-punched plastic tab is an alternative method for holding the lens in place with a piece of double stick foam tape. The round plastic clip is a bonus part that can be used as a cord wrap.

Large quantities of these lenses can be ordered from craft supply companies. For more information on usage of our supplier, contact:

Bill Tuk
Mike Lee,

SAFETY WARNING: Not for children under 3!

Kit de lente macro para la cámara de la XO

Desarrollado por Tuk Bill, OLPC San Francisco

Distribuido en OLPC San Francisco Community Summit 2012

Una lente de plástico se mantiene en su lugar sobre la cámara de la XO por una o más piezas pequeñas de espuma adhesiva. La lente puede llenar la visualización en vivo de la actividad de Grabar de un área de aproximadamente 1 cm de ancho en un enfoque nítido en el centro. Con amplia iluminación, los objetos pequeños, como insectos, monedas, piedras, flores y más se pueden grabar fácilmente como fotos y vídeos.

Este kit incluye tres cabujones 7mm claras domo de acrílico para ser utilizado como un objetivo de macro sobre la abertura de la cámara de la XO. Las piezas de cinta de espuma se colocan alrededor de la lente para mantenerla en su lugar. El agujero perforado pestaña de plástico es un método alternativo para mantener la lente en su sitio con un trozo de cinta de espuma de doble palo. El clip de plástico redondo es una parte de bonificación que puede ser usado como una envoltura de cable. Grandes cantidades de estos lentes se pueden comprar en las empresas de artesanía. Para obtener más información sobre el uso o nuestro proveedor, póngase en contacto con:

Bill Tuk
Mike Lee,

ADVERTENCIA DE SEGURIDAD: No es recomendado para niños menores de 3 año



Here are a few ways to use the lens.

Secure the lens using one of three ways. Of course, you are welcome to come up with other ways and share those with us :-)

Use the transparent plastic holder with a tiny sticky foam holder.


Use the sticky foam with a notch.


Cut two strips and use two parallel strips to hold the lens. 


Up close

So, what can you see? A lot of things. Use the Record activity or Telescope activity (yeah, the activity should be renamed to Microscope or simply Scope. That discussion is ongoing).  

Enjoy your lens kit and share your photos with us!