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FRIDAY October 21

5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Registration, Reception, Meet and Greet:



SATURDAY October 22


Rm 553+ Education Track

Rm 554+ Technology Track

Rm 555+ Outreach Track


Registration, Meet & Greet

10:00 (17:00 UTC) Lesson plans: Glue between Curriculum and Sugar. Challenges and Opportunities of Community Development Projects Surrounding Education.
(Craig Perue, University of the West Indies, Dhara Shah and Savannah Prout, Illinois Institute of Technology)
Recent and upcoming developments in OLPC/Sugar.
(Daniel Drake, Sam Greenfeld)
How to volunteer in a Haiti community school (George Hunt, Nick Doiron, Tony Anderson, Adam Holt)

15 Minute Break

11:30 (18:30 UTC) Things to Think with: Jam session using Tam Tam Jam. Slide show using Scratch. Fun with Physics. Mesmerize with Measure. Build with Lego.
(Caryl Bigenho, Nick Doiron, David Cosimano)
Revisiting the School Server.
(Bruce Baikie, Robert Howard, Tony Anderson, Sameer Verma)
Small Projects in Remote Places.
(Laura de Reynal, Nancie Severs)


13:45 (20:45 UTC)

Speed Geek

How To Solar Guide. Liam Landoll, Illinois Institute of Technology

Servers in Classrooms. Neil Gupta, Illinois Institute of Technology

Lesson Plans across the Island. Craig Perue, Univ. of West Indies, Jamaica

Bypassing the School through Peer-to-Peer learning. Sameer Verma, SF State University

What's happening in Afghanistan. Carol Ruth Silver

Learning in the Philippines. Cherry Withers

To the Moon with a Telescope.  Alex Kleider


15 Minute Break

15:15 - 16:30 (22:15 - 23:30 UTC) Integrating OLPC/Sugar into the curriculum. Project-based learning.
(Cherry Withers, Sara Armstrong)
Communicating with XOs over Short-Wave Radio, USB Stick, a carrier pigeon, and school server updates
(Joachim Pedersen, Robert Howard)
A repository of health care modules.
(Gary Selnow, Chris Spirito, Sameer Verma)




SUNDAY October 23


Rm 553 Education+ Track

Rm 554 Technology+ Track

Rm 555 Outreach+ Track


Registration, Meet & Greet

10:00 (17:00 UTC) Use of Etoys Kedama/Particle for Simulations: Yoshiki Oshima (Viewpoints Research) It Takes a Team: Solar PV Installation in Lascahobas, Haiti to Power 400+ OLPC XO Laptops
(IIT IPRO 335 Team - Laura Hosman, Simon Brauer, Dhara Shah, and Bruce Baikie)
Start-up resources for a small deployment
( Philippines team)

15 Minute Break

11:30 (18:30 UTC)

Internet-Streamed Panel

OLPC Perceptions - Past, Present and Future.
(Ed McNierney, Giulia D'Amico, Claudia Urrea, SJ Klein, Mary Lou Jepsen)

12:45 (19:45 UTC)

Raffle -Cool gear you cannot buy! In Recognition of Global Volunteers


13:45 (20:45 UTC)

Internet-Streamed Panel

Small Deployment Challenges: What next?
(Christoph Derndorfer, Adam Holt, Nancie Severs, Cherry Withers, Laura de Reynal)


15 Minute Break

15:15 (22:15 UTC) Learning and Outcomes
(Claudia Urrea)
Translating for Sugar.
(Tilila El-Moujahid)
Documenting projects
(Bill Stelzer, Mark Battley)

Summit Ends - drive to party

18:00 onwards!

Party in Bolinas, Calif (ask for details in person!)


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