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OLPCSF Community Summit 2010 People


People Attending

(alphabetical by last name)

Morgan Ames

Morgan Ames is a PhD candidate in Stanford's Department of Communication. In her research, Morgan investigates the social meanings of new media technologies. Her dissertation work involves the technological dreams engendered by the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project's "XO" laptop, particularly in the pilot deployment of 9000 laptops in Paraguay and the country-wide deployment of 400,000 laptops in Uruguay. She has been an OLPC volunteer in Paraguay since June 2010.

Barbara Barry

Barbara Barry is the Director of Learning, Middle East, at the OLPC Foundation. She is an interdisciplinary designer who specializes in creating new technologies and social programs for education and health care. She works with the education and well being of children affected by war, poverty, and natural disasters.

Walter Bender

Walter Bender is founder and executive director of Sugar Labs, a non-profit foundation. In 2006, Bender co-founded the One Laptop per Child, a non-profit association with Nicholas Negroponte and Seymour Papert. As director of the MIT Media Laboratory, Bender led a team of researchers in fields as varied as tangible media to affective computing to lifelong kindergarten. In 1992, Bender founded the MIT News in the Future consortium, which launched the era of digital news.

Xavier Carcelle

Xavier Carcelle, OLPC Europe CTO, believes that OLPC deployments will reach a new level of maturity with the use of the XS School Server. A first set of deployments (Madagascar, Papua New Guinea...) have been configuring and using the XS Server successfully for back-ups, peer-to-peer applications over wireless and web access. Moving on, this summit is the perfect occasion to workshop this technical topic (which hardware? configuration and documentation? hard feedback from deployments? Internet access issues?) establishing a great community XS server forward path. For more of Xavier's professional background, please check out the OLPC Europe team:

Javier Cardona

Javier Cardona is CEO and Founder of cozybit. He started dissecting and disassembling electronic devices while still a child in his home town of Barcelona, Spain. Hoping to learn how to put them together again, he acquired a Telecommunications Engineering degree from UPC, Spain, and a Master of Engineering degree from Alari, Switzerland. He has since developed embedded software in France, the US, UK and Switzerland. Javier also completed an Executive Program for Entrepreneurship at Babson College and the Executive Program for Growing Companies at Stanford University. It was while working as a research fellow at the International Computer Science Institute at Berkeley that he became aware of the impact open source could have on the embedded software market. He began to envision a software engineering company that would help electronic equipment manufacturers take advantage of open source in their designs – thus, cozybit was born.

Giulia D'Amico

Giulia D'Amico is currently in charge of the Development Dept at One Laptop per Child Association. She is a consultant for International Relations, and had conducted Bilateral and Multilateral Governments' agreements. Working directly in the field, she has extensive experience in geopolitics. She has worked for the Italian Government, National Agency on Youth, Ministry of Youth and as Deputy Director of the Peacebuilding Department at the Glocal Forum. Giulia holds a degree in Business and a MA in International Management from LUISS University in Rome. She is also an Advisor for the Development Gateway Foundation.

Ian Daniher

Ian Daniher is a student of life at Olin College, with a long-time passion for educational technology, sparking others to Open Their Eyes. Based on the Community Repair paradigm he pioneered globally with OLPC's Support Gang almost 3 years ago, Ian delivers videotaped open workshops & repair clinics, literally teaching the world how Community Support Delivers. Rumors allege Ian is more than just a male clone of his predecessor Mel Chua. The world awaits XO-based genetic testing to clear this up. However suspicions remain that Ian & Mel have already developed XO-based gene-splicing to doctor the results...

Mike Dawson

Mike Dawson (PAIWASTOON) lived the last 3.5 years in Afghanistan focusing the last 18 months on the One Laptop per Child deployment there. Deployed OLPC around Afghanistan in Herat, Kandahar, Jalalabad and in Kabul. Developed a pure wireless router to router mesh system for school networks, a feasible human power pedal machine, and new content development tools to radically reduce the cost of creating curriculum content. In addition to running One Laptop per Child, Mike's company PAIWASTOON created the first email system in the Afghan language, template authoring software for Joomla, and bandwidth management systems.

Remy DeCausemaker

As RIT's resident Hacktivist Remy leads teams of developers and students, facilitating hackathons and codesprints each quarter, including the Great American Hackathon (
hackathon09), CrisisCampROC: Hackathon for Haiti (, BarcampROC5 (, and CapitolCamp ( When he's not coding himself, he mentors the students and professors of the Humanitarian Free and Opensource Software Development Course (
index.php/RIT), for example fostering the XO's Open Video Chat for the Deaf. Being the Center for Student Innovation's Head Storyteller, Remy syndicates ongoing coverage of the FOSS@RIT ( campaigns through the blog to places like and Before his fellowship with RIT, his most recent campaign work was volunteering with the Software Freedom Law Center ( in Manhattan, where he organized NYC's Software Freedom Day '08, and collaborated with Students for Free Culture ( and Creative Commons ( on the Columbia and New York University campuses. DeCausemaker serves on the board of 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization improving access, openness, and transparency of public information through Free/Opensource Software--of which he is a co-founder and Campaign Architect.

Christoph Derndorfer

Christoph Derndorfer has been a member of OLPC (Austria) since it was founded in mid-2007 and took on the role of a co-editor of in May 2008. Since autumn of 2008 he has also continually supported the Austrian OLPC pilot project. In 2009 he volunteered with OLE Nepal in Kathmandu for 3 months. In mid-2010 he spent 6 weeks traveling through Uruguay, Paraguay, and Peru to observe how the OLPC projects in these countries are going. He subsequently reported his findings via talks in Lima, Washington, D.C. and Boston as well as articles on Other than that he has co-authored the Activity Handbook, given a number of presentations about OLPC and Sugar at Austrian universities and various events and conferences in Austria and Germany and contributed to OLPC and Sugar Labs in numerous other ways. In his non-OLPC life he is a computer science student at Vienna University of Technology and a researcher within the field of ICT and Sustainability at the Club of Rome - European Support Centre.

Nick Doiron

Nick Doiron is a programmer and curriculum editor for the Kasiisi Project and He works with a variety of OLPC activities and recently taught maps, sensors, and programming to 250 students in rural Uganda ( ). He hopes to share strategies for pushing the limits of the XO and preparing students to take part in designing the future of technology.

Daniel Drake

Daniel has worked as an OLPC contractor and volunteer on 8 OLPC country deployments. Most of his experience is on the logistics and technical fronts. He has also worked on the OLPC engineering team as an intern and contractor, developing the OLPC software releases and the XO-1.5 laptop. He is currently working on ongoing maintenance of the XO-1 and XO-1.5 software releases.

Tim Falconer

Timothy Falconer is the Executive Director of the Waveplace Foundation. In 2007, Tim started Waveplace after a few serendipitous meetings in the Virgin Islands. Tim plans logistics, creates courseware, and speaks at CIT events. Prompted by the success of Waveplace, computer pioneer Alan Kay chose Tim to lead Squeakland Foundation during its founding year. Tim also runs Immuexa Corporation, a software and website company founded in 1998.

Luke Faraone

Luke Faraone is a long time supporter and advocate of OLPC. Helping establish community support in 2007, he now manages infrastructure for OLPC and Sugar Labs on a volunteer basis. In addition to operating the OLPC DC Repair Center, he is a founding member of the OLPC Learning Club DC. Over the past summer, he worked with a global team to port Sugar to the current release of Ubuntu. In the wider open source world, Luke is a Ubuntu MOTU ("Master of the Universe") and Debian Developer. Locally, Luke manages the CompSci / CompEng lab at his high school, and mentors in Computer Programming at the middle school level.

Pablo Flores

Pablo Flores Chiarelli. Computer Engineer. Has been involved with Plan Ceibal since its inception, giving technical support to LATU and Uruguay's education team during the initial stages of deployment of the plan, describing his experiences at Pablo seeded the "Flor de Ceibo" project, working with dozens of teachers and hundreds of university students providing support for Plan Ceibal's activities. Founding member of ceibalJAM!, a community of free educational software development. Member of RAP Ceibal (volunteer support network). Active member of the community that's been built around OLPC, Pablo also participates in extensive meetings and independent studies on 1:1 experiences. He is currently completing a book compilation for UNESCO, on the social mobilization caused by one computer per child projects.

Andreas Gros

Andreas Gros is a scientist at the New England Complex Systems Institute and a long-time developer with a strong interest in providing public access to knowledge. He started working on providing annotation support to the XO read activity to facilitate communication about e-texts.

Adam Holt

Adam Holt is the community support manager at One Laptop per Child. He is the resource, the mother hen and the knight in shining armor for OLPC deployments worldwide. He also connects members of various deployments to their most potent resource yet-- each other. Adam is the friendly face on many of OLPC's mailing lists, chat rooms and message boards. When members of the OLPC community need support (or perhaps a little management), they call Adam. Regardless of what time zone they are in, they can usually reach him.

Bernie Innocenti

Bernie Innocenti is a firmware engineer, member of the Free Software Foundation and founder of Develer, a high-tech consulting business based in Italy. Three years ago, Bernie joined One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) in Boston as a volunteer developer and later co-founded Sugar Labs, a community-driven NGO promoting world-wide access to open education through Sugar, the constructionist computing environment for young learners which powers the XO laptops. Bernie has been working on-site with several OLPC deployments, where he helped develop the Dextrose system software for the XO-1 and XO-1.5.

Mary Lou Jepsen

Mary Lou's recent work has contributed to putting 2 million laptops into the hands of some of the poorest children in the developing world. She was named one of the hundred most influential people in the world by Time Magazine in 2008 for her work in creating One Laptop per Child (OLPC) where she led the engineering and started the organization (with Nicholas Negroponte). Wired Magazine credits her laptop architecture design with starting the low-cost laptop revolution; these low-cost laptops now comprise about 1/4 of the entire laptop market just two years after mass production commenced. To bring OLPC's display innovations to the vastly larger commercial market, Mary Lou founded Pixel Qi Corporation in 2008 and is its CEO. Previously, Mary Lou has founded 4 companies, served as a professor at RMIT (Australia) & MIT, and in executive management at Intel Corporation. Mary Lou holds a Ph.D. in Optical Sciences, a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a B.A. in Art (req.) all from Brown University as well as a Master of Science in Holography from the MIT Media Lab.

Rabi Karmacharya

Rabi Karmacharya co-founded OLE Nepal in 2007 to implement OLPC program in partnership with Nepal Government. Since then OLE Nepal has completed two years of pilot, and the program is currently running in 27 schools scattered in seven districts in Nepal. OLE Nepal has also been developing local education content designed by curriculum experts that are loaded on the XOs and updated periodically through the school server. Teachers receive training on using the laptops and the content to teach subjects such as English, Nepali and mathematics. Currently heading a team of 27 staff comprising of educators, curriculum experts, content coordinators, software developers, graphic designers, network engineers, system administrators, and volunteers. Born and raised in Kathmandu. Received MEng and BSc in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

SJ Klein

Samuel Klein directs community outreach for the OLPC Foundation, which he joined in 2006 to coordinate community creation. He has visited or worked with OLPC deployments on every continent. He regularly gives talks to promote universal access to a shared body of human knowledge, and the power of human connection and collaboration. Outside of OLPC, he is a Trustee of the Wikimedia Foundation, an affiliate of Harvard's Berkman Center, and a curator of curious codices.

Mike Lee

Mike Lee founded the OLPC Learning Club DC with Wayan Vota before the first OLPC Give One Get One promotion in 2007 as a way of serving the local users of the XO-1 laptop. Meeting monthly ever since at the Arlington Career Center and Gallaudet University, the club has spun off a repair center, laptop lending library and Sugar Labs DC. The club has also organized Scratch Days, Turtle Art Days and book sprints. Mike has lately been partnering with the Lubuto Library Project to deploy OLPC XO laptops and Etoys language literacy content in libraries being built in Zambia to serve street children. As a long time corporate sponsor liaison to the MIT Media Lab through his day job at a large non-profit in D.C., Mike has answered requests directly from Nicholas Negroponte to do demos of the XO laptop and Sugar to congressional staffers, embassy personnel and media. Quite often, Mike's 6 1/2-year-old daughter Cici helps to promote OLPC in photos and has demoed the laptops at local festivals and to Aljazeera Television. Cici has recently joined the Kidsteam at the Human-Computer Interface Laboratory in College Park, MD.

Kurt Maier

Kurt has over ten years of experience. Some of it is in installing cutting-edge hardware and surveillance equipment using generator power in a war zone. Some of it is fixing outdated field telephones. Most of it is in administering systems, and that's what he currently does for his employer, Six Feet Up. In his free time, Kurt is a proponent of free and open source software and has contributed to the development of several open source projects. He's also devoted many hours to the One Laptop per Child project, ever since the very first Give One Get One opportunity. Hoping to learn more about this amazing project, he signed up for several mailing lists, and eventually joined the volunteer Support Gang. He's been there ever since.

Jennifer Martino

Jennifer Martino has been active in the OLPC community since witnessing the impact that the XO has on special education in Uruguay. She currently acts as a consultant supporting the OLPC Learning Team, with emphasis on deployments in Latin America. Jennifer has written her Masters Thesis on these topics (making contructionist learning Real) and hopes to increase her global impact on the world's poorest kids with an upcoming PhD. Whether or not she later cracks open opportunities for struggling kids on her very own Glorious & Free Canadian home turf.

Christine Murakami

Christine Murakami, M. Ed., is a veteran educator who has spent most of her 25-year career focused on promoting the use of technology in the service of teaching and learning. She has worked both in Higher Education and in K-12 schools, including The Ohio State University, the University of Washington, various private co-educational schools in Vermont, San Diego, and Seattle, and is currently the Technology Integration Specialist for the Upper School at the Columbus School for Girls in Columbus, Ohio. Christine earned her Master of Education degree in Educational Technology from the University of Washington, her teaching certificate in Math and Earth Science from San Diego State University, and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Earth Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

Jennifer Pierzchalski

Jennifer Pierzchalski is the owner of along with her husband, Brady Pierzchalski. In 2008, Brady started after participating in the G1G1 program and enjoying the XO at home with their children. Excited about OLPC and its mission, he began offering accessories for the XO and catering to the donor community. Jennifer grew and expanded ILoveMyXO to offer replacement parts as well as serve mini-deployments. Driven by the stories of people doing good locally around the world, Jennifer and Brady welcome all feedback, suggestions and advice for serving the community more effectively.

Tabitha Roder

Tabitha Roder is an educator. She has coordinated the olpc testing community in New Zealand starting mid-2008, now with testing centres in Auckland and Wellington. She has recently started assisting Pacific olpc deployments with training for teachers and students. Tabitha's day job is working at Unitec Institute of Technology as a Virtual Learning Environment / Web 2.0 Academic Advisor, however she is regularly found leading or assisting with FOSS events in NZ such as Software Freedom Day or If there is a chance to show XOs or Sugar on a Stick, she will be there. Tabitha also contracts to HRD, a Moodle Partner, as an eLearning Consultant. Moodle is used as the interface to the olpc School Server.

Beth Santos

Beth Santos is Outreach Coordinator for Waveplace Foundation. She was reeled into the OLPC community after stumbling upon a few XOs in the small African island nation of São Tomé e Príncipe and building a program from the ground up. The program is still going strong today, fueled by five teachers and 100 students at the São João Secondary School (see for more info). Of Portuguese origin, Beth spent a year living in Coimbra, Portugal and is now the Director of Public Relations for the National Organization of Portuguese Americans. She is also Editor of Go Girl Magazine, an online magazine for and about women who travel around the world. Beth is a graduate of Wellesley College, where she majored in art history and cinema/media studies. She currently resides in Wilmington, NC.

Anna Schoolfield

Anna Schoolfield started showing up at XO implementation planning meetings for the Birmingham, Alabama, deployment in early 2008. Eventually that developed into the primary tech support role. She's run a test XS out of her house since Spring 2008 and her Jabber users would probably riot if it ever went down. Always looking for something new and fun to try on the XO or XS, she is prone to wild experimentation with those platforms. As she says, "If you haven't rendered your XO or XS unbootable at some point, you're not trying hard enough." Anna just took the above self-portrait on her XO, the best camera she could find!

Carol Ruth Silver

Carol Ruth Silver has most recently been a pro bono consultant at Paiwastoon Network Services, which is the technical and implementation partner of OLPC-Afghanistan. She is a passionate advocate for extension of the OLPC laptop program beyond government schools, which serve only approximately fifty per cent of Afghanistan’s children. The other half are predominantly girls in rural areas, presently growing up illiterate, or served by local Community Based Schools. Because of her persistence, the proposal for the next extension of the OLPC-Afghanistan program in Afghanistan calls for committing 40% of new deployments to Community Based Schools. Carol Ruth Silver has founded or co-founded numerous organizations, including the Hayward-Ghazni (Afghanistan) Sister City Committee and Master Teachers by Satellite for Afghanistan, and in her earlier career the Chinese American International School. She was elected and served three terms on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, as well as being President of the Board of the Golden Gate Bridge, and of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Lidet Tilahun

Lidet Tilahun, Director of International Outreach, OLPC Foundation. Lidet directs One Laptop per Child's international outreach, fostering, building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders around the world. These include public and private companies, national project leads, and senior government officials.

Sameer Verma

Dr. Sameer Verma is Associate Professor of Information Systems at San Francisco State University. His research focuses on the diffusion and adoption of innovative technologies. In addition to his academic work, Dr. Verma has worked with companies in consulting capacity in the areas of content analysis, management and delivery. He has helped start OLPC volunteer efforts in San Francisco, Jamaica, Armenia and India. He is the chief organizer of the OLPC-San Francisco Bay Area volunteer community ( He can be reached at

Cherry Withers

Cherry is an educator, technologist and social entrepreneur. She is a co-founder of eKindling (Education Kindling), a fledgling non-profit in the Philippines bringing 21st century learning initiatives and curriculum integration in underserved communities in the country. She heads content/courseware development and designs the teacher training program for the organization. She also recently signed up to be the Director of South East Asian Operations for an organization called Seeds of Empowerment, a non-profit started by Stanford University.

Also attending: (alphabetical by last name)

  • Dinmohamed Abdimomunov, Lexington High School, Lexington, MA, USA, Kazakhstan
  • Vinay Amin, XO Dock
  • Aimee Andersen, OLPC Australia - Yirrkala, Northern Territory
  • Nick August
  • Bruce Baikie, Founder - Green WiFi Engineers without Borders
  • Arlene Bailey, University of the West Indies, Jamaica
  • Raj Banwait
  • Gerald Baron
  • David Bill
  • Grant Bowman, Toaster project, Fedora Ambassador
  • Nigel Brooks, President, The Business Leadership Development Corporation
  • Mark Burnett, Head of IT Strategy & Transformation, Bearing Point Consulting
  • Jay Cal
  • Javier Cardona, cozybit
  • Misha Chellam, Director of 2.0 Strategy, OLPC Europe
  • Stacey A. Cheung, Philanthropy Chair, Theta Tau, UC Berkeley
  • Jessica Curtis, Twitterer at OLPC-NYC
  • Walter de Brouwer, CEO of One Laptop per Child Europe
  • Nicholas Doiron, The Kasiisi Project, Digital Literacy Project, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Ricardo Elizalde, MA, Education, Instructional Technologies
  • Adam Gordon, University of Toronto Computer Science student, Ntugi Kenya Deployment team
  • Kevin Gordon, Ntugi Kenya Deployment team
  • Jason Harris-Boundy, Assistant Professor of Management, SFSU
  • George Hunt, NYC OLPC volunteer group
  • Mary Lou Jepsen, CEO and Founder of Pixel Qi Corp
  • Tanushree Jindal, Graduate Student, School of Information, UC Berkeley
  • Susie Kameny, Curriculum Technology Integration Specialist SFUSD Teacher
  • Mohsen Kazemi, XO Dock, SJSU
  • Alex Kleider, OLPCSF
  • Isabella Kleider, Madagascar Deployment
  • June Kleider, Madagascar Deployment
  • Tanya Kleider
  • Elizabeth Krumbach, Ubuntu Community Council member
  • Ted Kuster, Starr King Elementary School, San Francisco
  • Hue La, Information Management Systems Association-Treasurer
  • Brian Lavender, Grad Student and Sac State
  • Sara Lazaro, Caramelos Solidarios founder
  • Russell Lee
  • Kurt Maier
  • Evan Markiewicz, Executive Director Viviendas Leon
  • Jennifer Martino, supporter of OLPC Learning Teams in Latin America
  • Alexander Mock, Information Management Systems Association
  • Nadine Muschette, Lecturer Moneague College Jamaica, OLPC Jamaica
  • Kevin Olds, Chair of Science and Computer Science, Upper Canada College, Toronto Canada, Friend of everyone at Ntugi Day Secondary School, near Meru Keny, grateful to the ongoing support of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, for food, shelter, transportation and many other things
  • Gaurav Palande
  • Steven Parrish, Activity Central - Dextrose Project Manager
  • Shaneil Parsad, XO Dock, SJSU
  • Christian Pascual
  • Daniel Perry, Researcher UC Berkeley's Center for Next Generation Teaching & Learning
  • George Pope
  • Jonathan Ragot, OLPC-France
  • Jonathan Rood, CIO, SFSU
  • John Ryan, COO and VP of Sales and Marketing, Pixel Qi Corp.
  • James Salsman,
  • Ben Sheldon, Program Director @ The Transmission Project
  • Nina Stawski
  • William Stelzer, Documentary Filmmaker
  • Robert Stephenson, Online Community Architect The Tech Museum
  • Mark Terranova, Zareason, Fedora Ambassador,
  • Nathaniel Theis
  • John Tierney, Educational Outreach
  • Benjamin Tran, Graduate Student, Computer Science, SFSU
  • Ed Tseng
  • Harriet Vidyasagar
  • Jessie Wild, Wikimedia Foundation, Global Development Special Projects Manager
  • Victor Wong, XO Dock-SJSU
  • Marina Zdobnova, Active promoter of volunteer services and OLPC community