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Who's Coming


Class of 2014, Master of Development Practice, UC Berkeley

Samuel Klein

Sam lives in Cambridge, and has experience in organizing multilingual communities around learning, and in working around the world. He previously served as OLPC's Director of Content from 2006-2008. He has worked on software planning, database design, and management of global education projects, including a collaborative multilingual dictionary, a translation software startup (later acquired by SDL), and an online school for computer science.

Sam has developed various Wikipedia projects since 2004, and serves on the Board of the Wikimedia Foundation. He is an affiliate at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, where he has run conferences about technology and collaboration.

Sameer Verma

Sameer Verma is Professor of Information Systems at San Francisco State University. His research focuses on the diffusion and adoption of innovative technologies. In addition to his academic work, Dr. Verma has worked with companies in consulting capacity in the areas of content analysis, management and delivery. He has helped start OLPC volunteer efforts in San Francisco, Jamaica, Armenia Tuva and India. He is the founder and chief organizer of the OLPC-San Francisco volunteer community ( He can be reached at

Remy DeCausemaker

Lab for Technological Literacy FOSS

As RIT's resident Hacktivist Remy leads teams of developers and students, facilitating hackathons and codesprints each quarter, including the Great American Hackathon (, CrisisCampROC: Hackathon for Haiti (, BarcampROC5 (, and CapitolCamp ( When he's not coding himself, he mentors the students and professors of the Humanitarian Free and Opensource Software Development Course (, for example fostering the XO's Open Video Chat for the Deaf. Being the Center for Student Innovation's Head Storyteller, Remy syndicates ongoing coverage of the FOSS@RIT( campaigns through the blog to places like and Before his fellowship with RIT, his most recent campaign work was volunteering with the Software Freedom Law Center ( in Manhattan, where he organized NYC's Software Freedom Day '08, and collaborated with Students for Free Culture ( and Creative Commons ( on the Columbia and New York University campuses. DeCausemaker serves on the board of 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization improving access, openness, and transparency of public information through Free/Opensource Software--of which he is a co-founder and Campaign Architect.

Nick Doiron

Nick Doiron is a programmer and curriculum editor for the Kasiisi Project and He works with a variety of OLPC activities and recently taught maps, sensors, and programming to 250 students in rural Uganda ( ). He hopes to share strategies for pushing the limits of the XO and preparing students to take part in designing the future of technology.

Mike Lee

Mike Lee founded the OLPC Learning Club DC( before the first OLPC Give One Get One promotion in 2007 as a way of serving the local users of the XO-1 laptop. Meeting monthly ever since at the Arlington Career Center and Gallaudet University, the club has spun off a repair center, laptop lending library and Sugar Labs DC. The club has also organized Scratch Days, Turtle Art Days and book sprints. Mike has lately been partnering with the Lubuto Library Project to deploy OLPC XO laptops and Etoys language literacy content in libraries being built in Zambia to serve street children. As a long time corporate sponsor liaison to the MIT Media Lab through his day job at a large non-profit in D.C., Mike has answered requests directly from Nicholas Negroponte to do demos of the XO laptop and Sugar to congressional staffers, embassy personnel and media. Quite often, Mike's 8 1/2-year-old daughter Cici helps to promote OLPC in photos and has demoed the laptops at local festivals and to Aljazeera Television.

Matt Keller

Matt Keller works with governments around the world to introduce rugged, connected laptops to children living in the poorest and remote regions of the world. He also works to develop implementation strategies, and lobbies international institutions and wealthy nations, including the United States, to provide resources to less developed countries as a way to acquire this technology.

Matt has also worked as a senior programme officer with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) for five years in Rome, Italy where he worked with governments and private organizations around the world to raise awareness and resources for school feeding programs where children are fed nutritious meals in schools.

Prior to his appointment to WFP, Matt served as Legislative Director for Common Cause in Washington, DC where he worked on issues of openness and accountability in the United States Congress. He has acted as a lobbyist and political strategist and worked closely with Senator John McCain on legislation that banned unlimited, unregulated corporate donations to America's political parties. He currently sits on the boards of two national organizations dedicated to enacting comprehensive campaign finance reform in the United States

Matt also worked as a lawyer and lobbyist on behalf of low-income people and migrant farm workers in the United States, and as a Jesuit Volunteer in Portland, Maine.

Mary Lou Jepsen

Mary Lou's recent work has contributed to putting 2 million laptops into the hands of some of the poorest children in the developing world. She was named one of the hundred most influential people in the world by Time Magazine in 2008 for her work in creating One Laptop per Child (OLPC) where she led the engineering and started the organization (with Nicholas Negroponte). Wired Magazine credits her laptop architecture design with starting the low-cost laptop revolution; these low-cost laptops now comprise about 1/4 of the entire laptop market just two years after mass production commenced. To bring OLPC's display innovations to the vastly larger commercial market, Mary Lou founded Pixel Qi Corporation in 2008 and is its CEO. Previously, Mary Lou has founded 4 companies, served as a professor at RMIT (Australia) & MIT, and in executive management at Intel Corporation. Mary Lou holds a Ph.D. in Optical Sciences, a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a B.A. in Art (req.) all from Brown University as well as a Master of Science in Holography from the MIT Media Lab.

June Kleider

Volunteer with OLPC-SF, Madagascar, gracious hostess of Kamp Kleider.

John Waltington

John Watlington brings decades of hardware experience to OLPC. He worked as a Research Specialist at the MIT Media Lab for many years, designing advanced media processing platforms (Cheops, Holographic TV) and developing video compression algorithms, both traditional (subband and MPEG) as well as Object-Based Media.

Since then he has served as director of hardware engineering at AudioVelocity (portable voice/text recorders) and Ucentric Systems (home servers and video thin clients, acquired by Motorola), among others. He also worked as a principal researcher at Orange (France Telecom) R&D, conceiving and developing new services based around a home server.

John is responsible for the architecture, design and manufacturing of both the current XO laptop, and future generations. In the past, he was also responsible for developing the OLPC School Server software.

John holds an S.B. in E.E.C.S. and S.M. in Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and currently lives in Acton, Massachusetts.

Jennifer Martino

Jennifer Martino has been active in the OLPC community since witnessing the impact that the XO has on special education in Uruguay. She has been a consultant supporting the OLPC Learning Team, with emphasis on deployments in Latin America. Jennifer has written her Masters Thesis on these topics (making contructionist learning Real) and hopes to increase her global impact on the world's poorest kids with an upcoming PhD. She currently serves as Director, One Laptop per Child Canada at The Belinda Stronach Foundation.

Javier Cardona

Javier Cardona is CEO and Founder of cozybit ( He started dissecting and disassembling electronic devices while still a child in his home town of Barcelona, Spain. Hoping to learn how to put them together again, he acquired a Telecommunications Engineering degree from UPC, Spain, and a Master of Engineering degree from Alari, Switzerland. He has since developed embedded software in France, the US, UK and Switzerland. Javier also completed an Executive Program for Entrepreneurship at Babson College and the Executive Program for Growing Companies at Stanford University. It was while working as a research fellow at the International Computer Science Institute at Berkeley that he became aware of the impact open source could have on the embedded software market. He began to envision a software engineering company that would help electronic equipment manufacturers take advantage of open source in their designs and thus, cozybit was born.

Hilary Naylor

Hilary Naylor has been consulting for nonprofits and schools in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past ten years, first as a member of CompuMentor, and now independently. Hilary has extensive experience creating and implementing technology solutions for schools and nonprofits.

Hilary has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from University of California, Berkeley and a M.A. in Developmental Psychology from San Francisco State University. She is the sessions coordinator for OLPC San Francisco Community Summit 2012 and 2013.

Haley Berl

 Student at the Monterey Institute of International Studies 

Giulia D'Amico

Giulia D'Amico is currently the Vice President of Business Development, EU Affairs and Africa at the One Laptop per Child Association. She joined OLPC in 2008, serving as Director and VP of Development at the OLPC European Foundation located in Brussels. Prior to join OLPC Giulia was the Coordinator for International Partnerships at the Youth Agency of the Italian Government. Previously she has worked as Deputy Director of the Peacebuilding Department at the Glocal Forum out of the Rome office. Giulia has previous collaborated as a consultant on ICT for development in various international projects for Mediterranean countries and for the OECD. Giulia holds a degree in Business and a MA in Macroeconomics and International Management from LUISS University in Rome.

Edward McNierney

Edward McNierney is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at OLPC. He is an experienced software industry veteran, having served as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Software Development for companies ranging from early-stage startups to major commercial vendors. He’s served as Director of Spreadsheet Development for Lotus, building the company’s first Windows spreadsheet product, and as VP of Digital Strategy for Eastman Software, a subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Company.

Most recently he was a co-founder of TopoZone, the first online topographic mapping and aerial photography service, acquired by Demand Media in 2007. He holds an A. B. degree in Organic Chemistry from Dartmouth College and lives in Groton, Massachusetts where he is an active board member of several environmental and conservation organizations.

David Jessup, Jr.

David is Project Manager at OLPC. David joined the team after two years as a Teach For America Miami-Dade corps member. As project manager, David oversees project implementation and provides ongoing development and support to ensure maximized impact both in and out of the classroom. In 2009, David graduated from The University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in political science and pre-law. Currently, David is completing a master’s degree in non-profit management from the same institution.

Daniel Drake

Daniel has worked as an OLPC contractor and volunteer on 8 OLPC country deployments. Most of his experience is on the logistics and technical fronts. He has also worked on the OLPC engineering team as an intern and contractor, developing the OLPC software releases on the XO 1.5, XO 1.75 and the soon to be released XO-4 laptop. He has also worked significantly on the XS 0.7 school server.

Craig Perue

Craig Perue is Programme Manager for OLPC Jamaica, the Vice President of Membership for PMI Jamaica Doctor Bird Chapter, and a Senior Consultant (finance, IT, not-for-profit management) at the Mona School of Business, The University of the West Indies, Jamaica.

Claudia Urrea

As the Director of Learning at OLPC, Claudia Urrea is in charge of designing, developing, and implementing a learning vision for the organization. She also collaborates with all One Laptop per Child (OLPC) learning teams and local coordinators in countries around the world to provide a solid learning development program. Claudia Urrea was born in Colombia, where she received an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from EAFIT University. In the mid 90s, she moved to the US, where she received her Master's degree in Educational Media and Technology from Boston University, and her doctorate degree from the MIT Media Laboratory. Her PhD thesis studied the implications of one to one learning in a rural setting in Latinoamerica. She helps empower and support schools and communities of learners to evolve from traditional teaching methods and material into progressive learning environments using state of the art technologies developed at MIT-Media Lab.

Dr. Urrea holds a visiting research position with the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab, and teaches an Anthropology class at the Harvard Summer Program. She has consulted with ministries of education (Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Haiti) and organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank, and SEED-Schlumberger to rethink learning.

Christoph Derndorfer

Christoph Derndorfer has been a member of OLPC (Austria) since it was founded in mid-2007 and is the editor of the independent OLPC News. He also supports Activity Central as an advisor in communications. Between autumn of 2008 and June 2012 he provided technical support to the Austrian OLPC pilot project. In 2009 he volunteered with OLE Nepal in Kathmandu for 3 months. In mid-2010 he spent 6 weeks traveling through Uruguay, Paraguay, and Peru to observe how the OLPC projects in these countries are going. He subsequently reported his findings via talks in Lima, Washington, D.C. and Boston as well as articles on EduTechDebate and OLPC News. More recently he co-developed and held a series of workshops around ICT for Austrian primary school pupils as part of OLPC (Austria)’s TechnikBasteln project. Other than that he has co-authored the Activity Handbook, given several dozen presentations about OLPC and Sugar at various events and conferences in Austria and abroad, and contributed to a variety of other community and documentation efforts. In his non-OLPC life he is a computer science student at Vienna University of Technology.

Caryl Bigenho

Retired Teacher, XO Grandma, world traveler, community hero.

Carol Ruth Silver

Carol Ruth Silver has most recently been a pro bono consultant at Paiwastoon Network Services, which is the technical and implementation partner of OLPC-Afghanistan. She is a passionate advocate for extension of the OLPC laptop program beyond government schools, which serve only approximately fifty per cent of Afghanistan's children. The other half are predominantly girls in rural areas, presently growing up illiterate, or served by local Community Based Schools. Because of her persistence, the proposal for the next extension of the OLPC-Afghanistan program in Afghanistan calls for committing 40% of new deployments to Community Based Schools. Carol Ruth Silver has founded or co-founded numerous organizations, including the Hayward-Ghazni (Afghanistan) Sister City Committee and Master Teachers by Satellite for Afghanistan, and in her earlier career the Chinese American International School. She was elected and served three terms on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, as well as being President of the Board of the Golden Gate Bridge, and of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Brian Behlendorf

Studies at University of California, Berkeley. 1993-98, Chief Engineer, Wired Magazine and HotWired; 1998-2003, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Organic Online; 1997-2007, co-founded and Director, Apache Software Foundation, a non-profit creating free, open source software for building Web; 1999, founded CollabNet, to bring open source development tools and methodologies to organizations; with Open Government Initiative, Obama Administration; 2009-10, with US Department of Health and Human Services, led implementation of open source platform and standards for exchange of electronic healthcare records.

Expertise: finding great Asian food in Geneva. Interests: music, travel, iconoclasm.

Bernie Innocenti

Bernie Innocenti is a Linux developer who volunteers for OLPC since 2007. In 2009, Bernie co-founded Sugar Labs, a community-led project to promote world-wide access to free and open education through a revolutionary computing environment for young learners designed around the principles of creativity and collaboration. Since then, Bernie worked tightly with the local engineering teams of various OLPC deployments and helped create the Dextrose Sugar distribution, which has become the official operating system of Paraguay, Uruguay and Australia.

Anish Mangal

 Anish is a University of Michigan graduate with a Masters in Entrepreneurship, and is a former Freescale Semiconductor engineer.  Anish worked on the Dextrose release of the Sugar Learning Platform, and today actively volunteers for the School Server Community Edition (XSCE) and related OLPC work arising from his deployment work in Paraguay, Uruguay and India's Bhagmalpur.

Alex Kleider

Alex is a volunteer with OLPC-SF. He is involved with several projects including Madagascar, Pathagar book server, and Kamp Kleider.

Adam Holt

Adam served as OLPC's community support manager since 2007, and on Sugar Labs Oversight Board since 2009, organizing our grassroots network of technologists and educators and managing our repair centers and Contributors Program. He has been involved with many projects in Haiti over the past two years. He also connects members of various deployments to their most potent resource yet-- each other. Adam is the friendly face on many of OLPC's mailing lists, chat rooms and message boards. When members of the OLPC community need support (or perhaps a little management), they call Adam. Regardless of what time zone they are in, they can usually reach him.

Aaron Borden

Aaron is a software developer and a volunteer with OLPC-SF. He works with tech and education communities in San Francisco to encourage freedom of information and learning around the world. In 2011, he traveled to Uruguay to participate in Sugar Labs' Edu Jam conference to meet with community representatives from around the world.